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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sketchbook Project 2011 ~ Art Journal Workshop ~Texas Daily Painter Nancy Standlee

Art Journaling Workshop
Dena Wenmohs Ranch
July 2010
I didn't know much about the Sketchbook Project 2011 when I signed up but it sounded like it might be something my 2 "Love Your Life" art journal classes would enjoy while we were working in our journals at Dena's ranch. Click HERE to read more about this class on a previous blog post. Several posts during July also discuss the class. The time has come to mail in our journal book and today I added some information to our online portfolio.
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Sketchbook Project 2011

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I made a slide show about the Sketchbook Journal. I chose the theme "Storybook" and let each student tell their own story in words and art. I did teach a November class at the Upstairs Gallery but it seems no one had time to make a journal entry.
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Belle said...

Your Art Journal is wonderful. I have just started drawing again and using watercolor pencils.

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks Belle I'm ready to start keeping one on a more regular basis...again!! I end up doing a lot at once trying to catch up.

Unknown said...

Excellent work! I look forward to seeing more.

Nancy Standlee said...

Thank you, Tim. I've been wanting to make entries all week.

Karen Rester said...

Your son came by our farm last week and gave me your name. He said you were an artist too. I love your work, I also work in paper collage, mixed media and fiber (weaving and spinning) I am very inspired by your blog. Thanks. My work is shown on my web site, my studio is on our farm South of Cleburne.

Nancy Standlee said...

Karen, thanks for the visit. You have a great website and I enjoyed looking at your work.