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Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Green Apples" ~ Acrylic Still Life on Ampersand Gessobord ~ by Texas Daily Painter Nancy Standlee

"Green Apples"
9 x 12 Acrylic Still Life on Ampersand Gessobord, cradled 2" deep

This week I have decided to join artists at Wet Canvas to study and do the exercises in Charles Sovek's "Oil Painting: Develop Your Own Natural Ability" @ 1990. I've done the first two all in burnt umber and couldn't stand it any more so I got out the acrylics today and painted the set up that I've used for the exercises. My first burnt umber exercise looked like a bag of baking potatoes.
In 1992 Charles discovered the work of the Society of Six, a group of California colorists. (Amazon also has a book by that title.) Mr. Sovek flew from NY to CA to see the gallery of paintings and from then on began painting with pure color never to use earth colors again.
He painted in oil and acrylic and by the time I found his work and wanted to take a workshop he had passed away. Fortunately his family has kept his website current and you can go there for study and to order his books. This painting was inspired by his "Yellow Apples". I hope I can stick with the program and do all 30 exercises. The book is a little pricy but I found a used copy that had been withdrawn from a library and I'm marking it up with a highlighter - probably not a good idea for a future sale of the book but I'm using it like a text book.
When I found Kathleen Elsey's website I thought her work reminded me a little of his colors and technique and she likes bright Fauvist colors also.
I could also hear Bob Burridge saying "short choppy strokes, get in, get out, short choppy strokes".







Fuzz said...

Hi Nancy
I discovered his work a few years ago not long before he passed away and have a copy of that very book even though I don't paint in oils. I love his use of colour and the website is very good.
I also have the society of six book which I was attracted to again because of their style and use of colour. I love your painting, the colours are fresh and vibrant.
I wish I was able to take many of the workshops you been been to but I live in the UK and we don't seem to have the same choice of workshops and artists.

Nancy Standlee said...

Hi, Fuzz, thanks for stopping by. You don't have to paint in oils to do the exercises. I'm using acrylics.Aren't books wonderful? Well, you will just have to get up a workshop and have one of the U.S. artists fly across the pond - bet you could fill it. Glad to meet a fellow color lover. Another good book is "Water-soluble Oils" Mary Deutschman and she loves color also. n

Unknown said...

Love the vibrant colours in this! Can't wait to see what you do next in this series.

Eva said...

Thai is gorgeous!! I just love everything about it. Still life has always been a favorite of mine. I'm a member of wet canvas, but haven't been there in ages. Must visit them again.

Eva said...

I just checked Sovek's Yellow Apples and yours wins hands down! His looks plastered with paint. Your strokes and color choices makes your apples vibrate. Bravo Sandy, your workshops with Bob have really given you the edge :O)

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks Patty..probably some fruit.

Nancy Standlee said...

Hi, Eva. I'm not for sure how many are following this book and exercises but even if two do it it is helpful support.

Nancy Standlee said...

Eva, Nancy (not Sandy) but I can't believe you think that about my green apples. I absolutely adore his work but thanks and have a great Sunday. Bob's workshops have taught me to take risks and experiment.

Kathleen Barnes said...

I will have to hunt down these books. If they are inspiring this kind of wonderful, they must be worth the price! I love the brushwork!

Nancy Standlee said...

PaintDiva, try to look at them before purchasing just in case they are not for you. But I've loved reading about the Society of Six and the Fauves.

Karen M Schmidt said...

Nancy, I love your use of color here ... I'm going to look up the Society of Six and the others you mentioned; sounds right up my alley! Can't wait to see what else you create going in this direction!

Fuzz said...

Hi Nancy
found the water-soluble oils book on at a reasonable price so I'm going to buy it.
Keep painting - I love to hear about the workshops you attend.

If you fancy looking at some slightly more abstract but very colourful work try Francis Boag - he's one of my favourites -