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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine Tulips, Floral Oil Painting, Nancy Franke Workshop, Gainesville, Georgia by Texas Artists Nancy Standlee

Valentine Tulips 14003
14x11 Oil on canvas panel

Nancy Franke Demo 

 Quinlan Arts Center Gainesville GA

I've returned from my first workshop of the year, a Nancy Franke, 2 day oil in Gainesville, GA, February 6 and 7 and it has set a high standard for the rest of the year. There were 15 in the class and most from the Georgia area and very good painters. I had heard about Nancy Franke first on the blog talk radio show by Leslie Saeta. Her interview is HERE.

Getting to the Atlanta Airport from DFW was easy and quick but getting my rental car and heading north to Gainesville, I may have passed Mars? Up and down elevators and train rides but I had "Sugar Foot", my GPS, with me and we found our way to the motel and Quinlan Arts Center without any major detours. Let's just leave it at my motel choices are modest when I travel and the main deal is WiFi as I'd rather save future dollars for another workshop. This one was problematic as they put me on second floor and no elevator and I had a little difficulty lugging bags up the steps, I'm 78 and counting, and on the last night a policeman knocked on the door asking if I'd seen the girl from room 217? What?  Oh, and the continental breakfast was a plastic wrapped honey bun and no microwave but I quickly found a McDonald's for breakfast. I HAD a great 22" wheeled backpack by Ful, purchased at Costco, perfect for travel with art supplies that fit in the overhead. On the trip home, AA said since the plane was full they would take any overhead bags and fly them free. Don't fall for this because they ripped off my handle and it is not covered for compensation. These little baby bags don't stand a chance down in the hole of the plane with these big old fierce granddaddy bags falling all over them. 
What did work on this trip was my Hedi Moran palette that I discovered in her workshop in 2013 that is great for travel. She gets a Michaels 16x20 picture frame with glass with just a tiny little metal frame and I took out the photos and turned the paper over and it had a nice neutral background and I wrapped it with some Cheap Joe's packing material and it came thru in the disabled backpack much better than the handle. 

Nancy Franke is an Atlanta artist and successfully sells her work through galleries and the Huff Harrington in Atlanta. She is energetic, paints with a limited palette in high key and I'm ready to take another workshop with her. She states "I want a watercolor look painted in oils". The only thing I'd change would be a three day instead of the two. It was a long, hard trip for two days or maybe it's the age talking. We painted from still life setups that we chose. Her admonition to us for each day: paint 20 minutes on a study from life, draw 5 minutes from life, and 5 minutes look at paintings that inspire.

The Artists of Texas has a new website up and running thanks to Laurie Pace. HERE is my page and I also have some info under the workshop page.

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Nan said...

Great post, Nancy! Love your humor! Looks like a really great workshop - your results are fabulous. What size brush(s) did you use for this painting?

Nancy Standlee said...

She told us to use the biggest we had and paint loose.. I used 12, 10, and 8.

Kelly Dombrowski said...

Ahhh she wanted to look like watercolors painted in oils! Now I know why I am drawn to this! Absolutely stunning Nancy!

Nancy Standlee said...

Kelly that statement struck a chord with me also

Jacklyn Karabaich said...

Great informative post with a accent of Humor! Love the way you take us along on your Workshop trip and tell-it-like-it-is! Nancy your painting is a Joy!

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks Jacklyn. I appreciate all posting with all the hard to read numbers but I've tried with it turned off & I get tons of spam thanks for liking the painting

Connie Michael said...

This is wonderful, Nancy. It would be nice to have her in Arlington sometime!

Nancy Standlee said...

I agree Connie

JanettMarie said...

Nancy, you amaze me!
I only hope that I could catch up to you!

Nancy Standlee said...

JanettMarie. No problem with that as I travel pretty slow

artisoo said...

beautiful floral!