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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

3 Figures ~ Acrylic Painting Workshop ~ Snooty Women ~ Blog

Figure #1

Figure #2

Figure #3

EACH $35.00
Reclining Figures on Red Pillow 5 x 7 Acrylic on canvas panel

These are 3 paintings I did in the Robert Burridge workshop in Mendocino, CA. See the post on Nancy Standlee Art Blog .

This was my first class to paint from nude models and I used lots of artistic license to change the models up as I saw fit. I gave them different hair color, changed males to female, etc. We had undraped models for 4 days and we drew and painted from timed poses and no photos were taken of the models so you were forced to get something down on paper or canvas quickly. I took lots of gessoed 140 lb. watercolor paper and some small canvas panels to work on.

I really enjoy painting portraits and figures but don’t consider myself a very good drawer for the photo realistic look but that is not the look I’m after. I want a more abstract, impressionist look and put my own spin on the painting.

When I was in Lubbock for the Carla O’Connor workshop, one of my painting neighbors was Renee Simpson and she paints women with her own spin…Snooty women and I think you’d enjoy a trip to her studio. Here work can be seen at the Newberg Gallery also.

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BG Hackney said...

Love you reclining figures Nanc,and thanks for the photos of our work at the Upstairs Gallery Monday Paint Day! You are doing such a great job with your painting and your blog. Keep it up. lu--bgh