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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lady Emma ~ Boat Watercolor Painting ~ Port Bolivar, Texas ~ Art Blog

$150.00 unframed
15 x 22 watercolor painting on 300 lb. paper
(It would fit into a matt and standard frame 22x28)
Lady Emma was painted this past week in the Steve Rogers Workshop given by SWA in Fort Worth. The photo was taken during a trip with some CBC members to the Port Bolivar, Galveston area. Older posts will show some slides from other students and some of Steve's work.
I rented an interesting art movie yesterday and watched it last night.
Carla O’Connor mentioned a foreign film, Camille Claudel, about the sculptor, Rodin, and his passionate obsession with art – and with Camille. It is a historically accurate depiction of one of the most important collaborations in the history of modern art. It was a little hard to find but the Hollywood Video on Cooper St. had a copy, for my local readers. It has captions and runs 2 hours and 39 minutes and came out in 1989. I enjoyed the movie but I didn't enjoy reading the captions because you can't multi-task with your eyes glued to the TV. I belong to a collaborative group of 11 local artists, Canvas by Canvas and we are interested in collaborations.
I find this web site is a good place to research movies and plot summaries at the
Internet Movie Database. This is where I always get into trouble and it happens at Amazon all the time with the recommendations…If you like this book, movie, then you might like this one… spend more time and money.
I see they recommend
Frida and I loved Frida - the movie, her way of dressing, and the paintings. When I was in Puerto Vallarta for a workshop, I bought a beach wrap/sarong/shawl with her huge picture in the center and I do wear it.
Caution: These are not family movies with small children - adult children OK.
This interesting article about
the secrets of Mona Lisa was on my Yahoo home page this morning. I know a lot of artists out there who would never want their paintings inspected that closely to really see how many layers it took to reach the final stage. This is not the case with watercolor. In watercolor you usually have to get it right the first time or start over. If you want to read about taking risks with watercolor and pushing the medium to its limits, check out the book, Taking Risks with Watercolour, on my Amazon link. I recommend it if you're ready to move up to the intermediate level. Every page is filled with exciting, colorful examples of Shirley Trevena's work.
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Cecelia said...

Love these boat paintings! I clicked on your make your own slide show and made one on my blog. I wrote you a couple of e-mails. One came back and I haven't heard from the other one.
I mainly wanted to ask about the slide show, but I figured that one out. I had a little trouble trying to add the friends picture, etc. and will have to try that later.
I also wanted to ask you how you added the Dick Blick icon or button to your sidebar. I like to order from them, too.
Thanks for your help. I know that you are either very tired, or wound up and ready to do some painting on your own, after all the workshops!

RH Carpenter said...

Beautiful painting, Nancy! Are you going to rest now or are you off to another workshop?

Connie Michael said...

Nancy, this painting is lovely!

Jane LaFazio said...

Hi Nancy, the San Diego Watercolor Society has their 2008 workshops on their website:

Margie Whittington said...

Another "FINE" painting, NS
You are on a roll, lady!!!!
Thanks for sharing.

siby chacko said...

it is nice!