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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Trash Talking ~ Tagged ~ Teesie's Attic

Trash Talking NFS
20" x 20" Acrylic on canvas
The idea of women together and "trash-talking" is a natural, especially in my special group of friends, Canvas by Canvas. Several of them asked for copies of this painting and at our Christmas party/dinner I'd finally gotten around to having a few 11 x 14 prints made for them and then decided to post the original. I used rubber stamps for the words and highlighted King as "talk is king" when we are in groups.
Myrna Wacknov in her blog post "I've Been Tagged" shares how she was tagged and then she tagged me. I found Myrna by her article Face Forward in the Watercolor Magic, October 07 issue. I loved what she was doing and wrote her a fan letter and I'm the owner of 2 of her drawings. She issues painting and drawing challenges and is a very encouraging and experimental force.
5 Things People Don't Know About Me:
1. I've had several "careers", housewife and mom, divorced wife and mom, Home Economics teacher, Special Ed Teacher, elementary school librarian, batik fabric designer. I took batik workshops at Vassar 2 summers with Morag Benepe and painted silk at Arrowmont. I've demonstrated Krups appliances and Cuisinarts at department stores, delivered vans full of weekly home sale brochures (only thing needed was a large vehicle and a good back) in Virginia to support my batik habit and belonged to a craft cooperative in Yorktown, Va.
2. I desire to be the epitome of organization and I'm working on it but I'm hampered by space limitations, my desire to keep everything I ever touch and I've never seen an art supply I didn't think I had to have. I do have all of my art photos organized for the New Year.
3. This year I was the dark horse in a weight loss campaign with my painting group and won some money for more art supplies and workshops. It is hard to believe that some mean, teasing brothers of my high school friends used to refer to me as "bird legs". I plan to jump back on the program as most of you do after the first of the year.
4. I've been interested in decorating surfaces for many years. As a child, I was whining that I wanted hair on my bald headed doll so my Daddy took the scissors to our collie dog, and with a few deft snips got enough hair to glue on my doll's scalp. I don't remember it being a mess or how it looked. I remember the action and "Old Billie Dog" standing patiently while we borrowed a few strands.
5. I've done my share of adding non-decomposing items to American's landfills. I've always loved sewing, and during the seventies men were wearing polyester leisure suits with bright floral poly shirts. Because of finances and the height factor, my husband was 6'8", I made his 100% polyester leisure suits. I think about those being unearthed in 200 years, still crease free and without any stains. The sewing needles would skip about every 3rd stitch and the pants legs were slopped to the back so they would nearly touch the ground and hard as heck to hem. Truly a fashion statement when the guys had sideburns. I'm glad jeans are back in style.
I'm going to TAG:
1. Nicholas Simmons has a new blog.
He won the 1st prize in the National Watercolor Society's 87th annual exhibition. He will also be in Dallas for a workshop this year and yes, I have signed up.
2. Joyce Washor has a new blog.
Joyce has a great article in Watercolor, Winter 2008, Still Lifes on a Small Scale, about creating tiny paintings with big impact. I was inspired to try a set up with some onions and strawberries last night - my 5" painting is not so delicate and will probably hit it with gauche or acrylic. I've also ordered her book, "Big Art, Small Canvas".
3. Laura at
Very interesting blog about her travels and her art sketch journals with beautiful drawings.
4. Katherine Tyrrell at
Katherine is a sharer of information on art. She has a wonderful informative blog that you want to sit down and read every word.
5. Mitchell (Betty) Taylor at
I have to show a little nepotism here and keep some of my links within the CBC family. Betty is our efficient web mistress and between that, travels and painting, she is a busy lady. You will read about her Christmas trip soon.
6. Ok, I have to have one more...Edward B. Gordon He is a daily painter from Berlin.

Teesie's Attic
Located in the Arlington Highlands Mall in Arlington, is having a grand opening of their new store, December 20 and 22, and will have on display some of the paintings of Canvas by Canvas. This is a trendy, upscale store that carries modern brands not available in Arlington before. More to come about this event.


Elizabeth Taylor said...

Nancy, Thanks very much for your mention of my blog (and I'm embarrassed that's been a few months since I've last posted - no excuses except workshops, CBC, travel, life in general. Will try to improve when I get back from my next trip in January. I love your Trash Talk and now will try to figure out how to respond to your tag. Your blog always has so much useful information and I don't know how you manage to find time for that and paint too. [Well, I know a little about your prioritizing =) ]
I'm so glad you mentioned the Nicholas Simmons workshop and I've signed up too. Every since you brought him to my attention I've been admiring his work and I've fallen in love with his painting, Zarzuela II. I have some Chinese dancers that I've never painted and would love to try them in his style.

Edward B. Gordon said...

thank you Nancy !

all the very best

yours Edward

Suzanne McDermott said...

Hey Nancy! Thanks for adding me as a friend and inclouding my in your blog catallog neighborhood. I have not yet quite figured out that universe but will soon. Really enjoyed looking through your paintings. Will keep checking back!

RH Carpenter said...

Nancy, this painting is wonderful!! Love it :) Also love the artists you've tagged - more new favorites.

Nick said...

Hi Nancy, I like this painting a lot, and several others I see here...and I ain't just talkin' trash. The abstracted figures play up the strong comps, and I go for the reckless, haphazard look. The lettering, stencilled or freehand is always cool. So you live in Dallas? I just remembered the food blog, I have to get on doubt everyone's been holding their breath for that ham sandwich recipe.
Trash Man


Hello again Nancy,
You know what is curious? Now up north is winter: all white, grey and cold... but your painting is alive, spirited, cheerful, colorfull! It reminds me brazilian painters Di Cavalcanti, Tarsila do Amaral or Carybé.
You may not know but I presume you are brazilian in heart!

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks BT, Edward, Suzanne, RHC, Nick, and Luciano for the comments. I took this painting today to have my first ever giclee made and it will be of Trash Talking and I'm thinking about painting a few more in a series. Sorry, but I'm ignorant of Brazilian painters but I LOVE the Brazilian in heart part..ns

Anonymous said...
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Helen said...

Beautiful painting