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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

LYLAS 3 ~ "Karen" ~ Gringo Revolution ~ Young at Heart ~ Young Heart Attack

LYLAS 3 "Karen" Acrylic
9" x 12" Gallery Wrapped Canvas, 3/4" profile black (depth)
This is the third in the Lylas series. See this post to read how the paintings came to be.
I came in late last Wednesday from the SWS meeting and I TiVoed the news and it ran into Nightline and I'm so glad as I saw this "older group" "Young at Heart" who sing rock and roll hits and they have a documentary movie that opened in some cities that day. It showed them at rehearsal and singing at a prison and doing a show. The fellow shown in this video had a singing partner that had died a few weeks before so he does a solo and the leader said that was a big problem dealing with the death of fellow performers. About 70 have died that have participated. The show left a big message to find something you love doing in your later years. I have watched Fred Knittle singing Coldplay's "Fix You". I'd never heard of Coldplay before but I sure enjoy Fred's rendition and I've watched it several times since. For a real treat please watch it. Look how many times this you tube clip has been viewed!! What an upper and they have others to watch such as "Staying Alive". I want to be sure and catch the movie.
Watch Coldplay sing their version if you can spare the time. I love this song.
Maryann, a Canvas by Canvas member, has a daughter Jenn who has a rock band "Young Heart Attack". I think it would be so cool if they could play together some time - the "Young Heart Attack" and the "Young at Heart". Jenn's group has just returned from an engagement in London and Spain.

My son, Eric (Harpoon), plays the harmonica in a band, Ray Diffee and the Gringo Revolution, and they won a battle of the bands (approximately 20 bands) contest over the weekend. Eric has a My Space with more about the band and slide shows. He is a self taught harmonica player and years ago worked as a P.I. and in lonely stretches of time would practice on the harmonica.
I have another son, Brad, who just had a 50th birthday and we celebrated with a cruise on the Granbury Riverboat. Brad got to spend a few days with me in Sam Miguel at the Mel Stabin workshop. It was a new experience being in a different city and traveling together and we're ready to have a repeat performance.
Here are some photos
with Eric, my daughter, Dana, and Brad from the Birthday Cruise.



All kinds of music and all kinds of painting styles "But If you never try, you'll never know just what you're worth." Coldplay "Fix You"
Here is a great review of the movie:


sandy said...

The colors you use are beautiful.

Now, I have to go read how this came into being.


Margie Whittington said...

Lovely Spirit Lady. I really like the series, Nancy. I think the colors are beautiful, too.

Elizabeth Taylor said...

Nancy, I loved reading your blog today and seeing you with your family. You've certainly been an inspiration to the Canvas by Canvas artists and to everyone younger than you to keep active. Looking at your Lylas 3 painting I imagine you as being that angel -- but a little blurred as you scoot by on the fly to your next workshop, field trip, blog, painting, etc. etc.