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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Joe Fettingis Watercolor Workshop ~ Day 3 ~ SWA Signature ~ Jonas Gerard Southlake

Jonas Gerard at the Southlake Art in the Square

All I've wanted to do is finish my horse from the Joe Fettingis workshop and give my Cowgirl painting some finishing touches but on Thursday, Day 3 of the workshop, the SWA juried art show reception was held at the Central Library at 6:00. I had the honor of receiving my signature status which is given when your work has been accepted into 5 juried shows and you can rightfully add SWA after your signature on your paintings. Watch for those signatures signed with NWS and AWS... or TWSA those are the biggies.
Friday was spent unpacking and stumbling around not knowing which "to-do" list to tackle first and decided what's the use and started gathering up my Myrna Wacknov folder for a May workshop. More on that a little later.
Saturday was pickup day for the PCPC show where I had entered the The Fifth Day.
I picked up a CBC member, Maryann, and we headed for the Southlake Town Square to see the Art in the Square show and we're both so glad we did. We saw wonderful large canvases with lots of bold color and met some interesting artists and talked about art and display and the benefits of good weather. I will list some of the artists we visited with and give their web sites a visit.
Jonas Gerard, our first stop, large colorful abstracts, great bio and please watch his video. I want to try painting like this - so free.
Jeremy Hansen, from Nebraska and wow did we love his abstracts
Anne Heinrichs, from Austin, a Mixed Media Collage artist and I want to take one of her workshops tomorrow!!! I've already emailed her and asked when and where.
Nora Larimer, watercolor and tile artist, beautiful fish and koi paintings
Meredith Kuntzsch, a pastel artist
Jerald Peterson, paintings of San Miguel, lived there before moving to OK.
Niki Gulley, Dallas will be at Cottonwood Art Festival next weekend
Michael McKee, pastel and you have to look at his fabulous colors
Dennis Rhoades, pastel artist. Maryann had seen his work at another show and is working on getting a pastel workshop together with me saying, no, no...I don't have room for more supplies and I'm not taking up pastels..we'll see. Dennis was telling Maryann about selling a pastel set of paints he was getting together and how easy it would be..oh, well.
I hope to get to finish my workshop paintings this week and in the slide show below you can view some other artists and their work at the workshop. Joe, we want you to return and give us a four day workshop - the sooner the better. Mouse over for captions.
My friend, Maryann and I attended The 23rd Texas and Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition today in Irving. There were about 400 entries with 77 paintings chosen for the show. All show paintings may be viewed in color at

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