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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Sunday, April 13, 2008

LYLAS 1 ~ "Elizabethy" ~ Contemporary Abstract Figures ~ There Is A Limit ~ CBC

LYLAS 1 Acrylic
9" x 12" Gallery Wrapped Canvas, 3/4" profile black (depth)
LYLAS is Internet slang for Love You Like A Sister and it gets used a lot in the emails that fly back and forth between the nine Canvas by Canvas member collaborative group. Since I don't have a sister they all fill that special sibling spot. You notice the title LYLAS 1? Guess what? Lylas will be another series as the result of a CBC request. The CBC members have liked the work I've been producing as the result of my study with Robert Burridge and have requested a Nancy "Burridge" workshop Sunday afternoon, April 13 at the Upstairs Gallery. Lylas 1 was painted on Saturday as I was planning what I would present to them and I reviewed my notes and Bob's workbook. I began by having them write down their intentions and tone their paper or canvas, explained my Burridge color wheel, told them a few "Bobisms" like paint for yourself today and stay wet and loose, and try a lot of "what ifs" (some of my favorite words). The composition (design) would be either vertical or cruciform as they want to experiment with the contemporary abstract figures without a model and just painting from their imaginations. Seven members showed up Maryann Stephens, Karen Foster, Cindy Campbell, Connie Michael, Betty Taylor, Barbara Hackney and Cindy Yandell. We're sorry Margie Whittington couldn't be with us. Some were ambitious and got there about 10:00 a.m. and began on a CBC project. We had a great day of painting. ordered pizza in and enjoyed each other's company and painted something we'd never seen before. I've made a slide show of the work produced today and it can be seen at the end of the post.
The class started at 1:00 and I think the last person left about 7:00 (Connie and I). They were very kind and helped me unload my car filled with stamps, paint, paper, texturing tools, books and notes. The Lylas produced some great work and ventured out and took a risk and enjoyed exploring painting from their emotions, dreams, and creative vision.
EMAIL HINT: My email has been giving me fits. About once a week I get this red message that says "unusual activity detected - Your account has been suspended for 48 hours, blah, blah" and I couldn't send or receive and anything sent to me would be bounced back to the sender like I hadn't paid my bill. It's been making me nuts. I call support and tell them I'm a little 72 year old grannie that doesn't spam anyone but just email my painting friends and a few relatives. Now my painting friend emails do add up hence my knowing about lylas. You will be left behind in the dust if you can't keep up with hourly emails from the CBC group. Finally, finally the call yesterday (after being assigned a case number) and running a spy ware program on my computer, my case was sent to the 2nd level of support and now we're getting somewhere. I was assigned to Kornelius, a perfectly delightful man who fixed my problemo. And he did it in the kindest way by saying "You're so active with your emails". Isn't that a sweet way of saying "hey, lady, you need to clean up your email". It seems I have 8,873 messages in my inbox and 21,751 in my sent folder so he had me remove 250 from my sent folder and now the problem is fixed temporarily. He was very nice when he said "There is a limit". It seems attachments seem to compound the problem. I promised Kornelius that I'd start cleaning up my act and need to work on another problem that is running concurrently and that is cleaning my house. My lylas friends were discussing a book title that would never find your name on it as an author and I quickly replied, "100 Best Housekeeping Hints by Nancy".
It seems that the Burridge workshops and emailing my "lylas" and painting is taking a big part of my time. I will put clean house and emails on my to do list but please resend the message if you get a bounced email. I don't want to miss a one.
Bob Burridge will give a workshop in 2009 in Dallas through the SWS and I hear it is full with 9 people on the waiting list. I'm doing my part in spreading the news about how fun it is to be in "Bobland".
Mouse over slide for captions.


Connie Michael said...

What a blast, Nancy! I had so much fun today, and learned something, too! Thanks SO much for the demo and guidance today, a la "Bob". Can't wait to do it again.

sandy said...

This is beautiful!!


Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks, Connie. We can all learn from each other and have fun in the process. I'm ready for Cindy Y to give a demo on painting the watercolor cherries.
Sandy, Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you like my figures because more are on the way!! ns

Cecelia said...

These pictures are really nice! Enjoyed looking and seeing what everyone did. They all have such a dream-like quality to them!
Hope you get your e-mail straightened out. I find that, when my box with my ISP gets too full, I start getting up to 6 of each message-which makes things worse. Cleaning out seems to fix things.

Nancy Standlee said...

Nice for you to stop by, Cecelia. I'll pass the word on to the girls who painted that day. Seems like everything I own could stand a good clean out but I'd rather be painting.
Best, ns

Keli said...

This is so beautiful! :D