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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Friday, January 16, 2009

Pear ~ SWS Extreme ~ Art Journal Page

30"x22" full watercolor sheet, Acrylic "Pear" on paper I am attempting to straighten some in my studio this week and on Thursday I found a very colorful acrylic "Pear" from a Burridge workshop and decided I needed a bright spot for my post today. It really looks big, doesn't it?

Art Journal Page 63
Tuesday was a fun trip to the La Cima Club and to see the Mustangs at Las Colinas. Canvas by Canvas will have a show in the club soon and Maryann, Karen, Cindy Y, and I went to check out the hanging possibilities. Wikipedia has a short article or you can read more about the bronze statues in a Google search. The 9 wild mustangs are the largest equestrian sculptures in the world.

Then always lunch is involved and some Santa Fe style Mexican Food at Via Real.
Wednesday evening another wonderful meal at the City Cafe before the SWS meeting. Who can think of a cabbage soup diet when you're invited to sample some new American - California cuisine in a white table clothed bistro? I enjoyed and ate every bite of some Diver U10 scallops and a tomato risotto. Maybe you already know this but I didn't. The "U" stands for "under" and it means fewer than 10 of these scallops make up a pound and they are the largest ones available. The Diver means a "real diver" picked them up instead of a scoop. Don't you just love the internet where you can look up all kinds of information? And just for the record, in case you get the idea I get to eat gourmet every day....I had a can of tomato soup yesterday when left to my own devices.
The Extreme SWS Tag Team Paint Off and Throw Down
Four of our award winning signature members, Harry Shields and Jane Jones, signature members of NWS, and Nel Dorn Byrd and Priscilla Krejci, signature members of AWS, presented SWS with a delightful evening of painting demos and laughter. We arrived to find 4 demo tables set up in the center of the room with 4 sheets of full size watercolor paper with the image drawn off and placed on the tables with the rest of the artist's supplies. Joel was the time keeper and each artist was allowed 10 minutes of painting time and the paintings were rotated, without the sketch or photograph included so it became an emotional response to what had been previously applied. This rotation continued for 4 times and on the 5th round the painting came back to the original owner with a few "Oh, my" or "Where are my whites?". There was a short break between the 4th and 5th rounds for announcements, snacks, and drying time. Since an overhead mirror couldn't be used, the members and guests were encouraged to walk around and view the paintings in progress. Thanks to Joel, Maureen, and our president Herb for a great evening of fun and to 4 artists with heart.
Each artist signed their first name to all four paintings and they were auctioned off and the money will be used as a prize award at the next SWS show.
Slide Show
You are invited to see my slide show of the event but be warned about the photo quality. These were quickly snapped and some are definitely lopsided or out of focus or both and the flash washed out some of the color.