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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Monday, February 28, 2011

Torn Paper Collage Workshop ~ Florida by Texas Artist Nancy Standlee

"Happy Rebel"
18 x 18 in.
Torn Paper Collage on Canvas
(Using recycled magazine pages)

This was collaged at the Derek Gores Collage Portraiture workshop in Melbourne, Florida, February 26 and 27. Here is the Brevard Museum description of the class:
"In this collage portraiture workshop, Derek will teach you to use torn paper to capture a portrait in a fresh new way! You will make one finished portrait of any person you choose. Or, if you're inspired to make a collage of something other than a person, that is fine too! Derek will demonstrate and guide you through the process of drawing, selecting your colors, and building up you collage layer by layer."
The image was taken from a magazine and inspiration was from one of Derek's earlier pieces using recycled magazines, maps, wine labels, song lyrics, and postal stamps and found papers.

Derek Gores Torn Paper Painting

"Red Bike"
by Suzy Pal
Collage on watercolor paper

I was very happy to have Suzy "Pal" Powell of Plains, TX. meet me at DFW to attend the Derek Gores Workshop and she gave me this collage for my "superb" driving skills! In the Derek workshop I mentioned on my blog in December, I flew into Melbourne but this time we decided to fly into Orlando and drive down. We had a great time, met some new friends, ate some great seafood, walked the beaches and thoroughly enjoyed Derek's workshop. Derek will be in Texas June 1 and 2 at the Wenmohs Ranch. Check with Dena if you'd like to attend. Suzy and I both plan to be there.
I packed my car for the Robert Burridge workshop before I parked it at the airport for the Florida trip. I got off the plane from Orlando, jumped in the car and headed to Dallas for a Burridge Watermedia and Collage: Postmodern Painter Meets the Contemporary Collage Artist. I agree this is a little obsessive and you will think that when I tell you this is my 8th Burridge workshop. We got off to a great start today and later this week I'll post some of the paintings from it. I've been a little busy and some things go undone. For instance, my Christmas fruitcake is rolling around in my car passenger seat floorboard. OK... it's another story and maybe I'll dispose of it when I'm unloading from these workshops. One thing I've learned is plastic garbage bags make great collage bags for packing slightly damp collages. I was not too sure that I wouldn't have various parts of clothing stuck to my collage upon arriving but both the collages came through. The second one was a good start of a Canvas by Canvas member that will be completed after regrouping and finding a new place to store the Christmas fruitcake.







Suzy Pal Powell said...

Love your blog, and thanks for the advertisement! haha..I did have a blast! looking forward to June!
have fun this week w/ R.B. i KNOW you will!

Martha Kisling said...

Beautiful portraits Nancy. I love the look of the collage and the painted papers.

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks Suzy and Martha for your comments.

WW said...

just popped by for a visit to see what you've been creating. Great portrait!! Love suzy's bike too!
You gals got sooo much from that workshop.

Nancy Standlee said...

Glad to see you Wanda and we're both set to take his June workshop in TX. Suzy nearly got a 2nd one finished and I got most of the 2nd background done and then another workshop so I'm itching to get back to it. Suzy was gluing like crazy.. we threw them into plastic bags and headed to the airport..all my papers needed to be "resorted" I wondered how crazy I might look sitting at the airport sorting magazine pages?

Lane said...

inspiring work!!!

Nancy Standlee said...

Thank you Lane for the visit and comment.