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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Robert Burridge Mentor Workshop, July 26-July 29, 2012 and TAC Juried Show by Texas Contemporary Artist Nancy Standlee

"Only in Dreams"
 acrylic on canvas
24x30 in.
This was not done in California but I delivered it today for the TAC juried show at FWCAC. 
The mission of the TAC is to support the career development of artists, whether they are emerging or established, amateur or professional. The reception is Friday night, August 3, 6-9 and will hang until August 30.

Our Class: July 26-29, 2012 with Robert Burridge 
Arroyo Grande CA.

Students came from all over the world, Abu Dhabi (we loved saying those words) United Arab Emirates, Honduras, Alabama, Washington, California, Texas. Check his website for his workshop schedule. (In Bob's Living Room) This is the one we took:
July 26-29, 2012
Robert Burridge Studio Workshop
Come paint with Bob in his Studio in Arroyo Grande, CA
(includes individual mentor time, demonstrations and personal theme development)
4-day Workshop/Mentor Program, limited to 7 enrollees
Contact for fees and details.

The House on the outside:

Kate and Deborah's great lunches on the covered patio
  Time out to feed the horses on the way to the studio.

Canvas Prep:
In prep for the CA mentoring workshop with Robert Burridge,  I cut up some of my canvas roll into some suitcase size pieces, gessoed them, put them face to face with a piece of 4 mil plastic between. I did a lot just in case. See the last blog post HERE to show the texturing I did on some of the pieces.  I did 15 10x10 (15 in sq) and 6 20x20 (25x25) and 6 11x14 and a strip for color that was a good idea but I never had the time for color studies. I used Utrecht professional gesso and took a pint to use for my white paint. The rolled up textured canvases seemed to travel O.K. with the plastic sandwich. I have the stretching tool from years ago and will try assembling the stretcher bars and stretching the canvas and hope I don't have little textured flower petals jumping off in the floor and will stretch the pieces that are stretcher worthy.
I returned home Tuesday morning about 1:00 AM and on some errands today like delivering "Only in Dreams" I started shopping for stretcher bars. The news is not good for 10" gallery wrapped ones. Oh, dear now to do some fancy Google searches. 
My Bob Journal "That Boy Ain't Right" (I think I may have to add a PS.."Look there goes a chicken".

I'm a journal keeper, not daily (I wish) and teach a "Love Your Life" journal workshops. In Bob's case I have a journal devoted to his workshops, some pages more developed than others. And the numbering tabs are all over the place. This one was number #13. A devoted stalker!!
In Texas put in my goals/intentions and wrote again his mantra.. "always take the high road" and cut the cover off my Klimt book with The Kiss painting and glued it in for inspiration and some photos and scribble sketches of the most recent textured florals of circles. Here are other journal pages I prepared for some of the work ideas I wanted to pursue, Kandinsky circles and Klimt women, florals, and circles and some photos of some of my paintings.

Then this journal entry "My Favorite Pants".
Bob says "wear old comfortable clothes" so I brought a very old, favorite pair of soft faded old lady jeans with a drawstring waist. Sometime on Friday, after lunch and when I got back to my hotel room in the evening, disaster had struck unknowingly to me. Four of us decided to meet at Fins, a ocean side restaurant, and we had a very enjoyable dinner discussing painting and our workshop experience. When I returned back to my room and undressing, oh my gosh.. this is what I found

Not just a rip down the seam but a rip and a tear with a section handing down.

Surely I would have noticed IF we'd taken that proposed walk on the beach. It is a wonder Fin's security hadn't asked me to leave!! They did not go into the trash until I brought them to show and tell the next day in class and apologized if I'd mooned some of my new friends.

 So now I've added a new back home goal:
WHEN I get back and Now I'm back..all this is getting under control!! I will wear my shirts right side out and clean out my cabinets and get some new Walmart pants.

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JJ Jacobs said...

I loved your posts about your Bob workshop, Nancy -- I've been to 2 of his classes and they're the absolute best. Thank you for the tip on rolling canvas for traveling -- I've always hesitated to take workshops out of driving distance because of the expense of shipping the canvases. I can't wait to try this!

Nancy Standlee said...

More to come on the next post about rolling's been a learning experience for me for sure.
Thanks JJ for your comments.

Zhoniu said...

This post if very good, but unfortunately i might never be able to attend one of the classes due to distance. But best wishes :)
And please do visit my blog too and maybe follow me back. Would be thankful :)
zhoniu's Art