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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nancy Medina Workshop, Summer Flowers in Oil, "Hydrangea Impression" 12115 by Texas Artist Nancy Standlee

Hydrangea Impression 12115
14x11 on Ampersand Pastelbord panel, oil

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Heading out for a weekend (Friday, August 17-19, 2012)  of Painting Summer Flowers in Oil with Nancy Medina.
On packing day I get my supply list and start checking items off and placing them on the couch and it usually is an all day affair with my slow working ways. Fortunately I'm not catching a flight for this workshop but driving about 30 miles to Irving so I can pack lots and be casual (pack lots). Let's get the oil paints together first.
Choosing and Packing my Oil Paints:
I've found a good quick resource to look up pigment numbers HERE at Art is Creation and the charts HERE Pigment numbers are listed in very small letters and print on each tube of paint and they identify what colors are in that particular tube of paint. So why would you want to know what pigment number Grumbacher Red had? Thursday I was packing supplies for the workshop and trying to add all the oil colors Nancy had on her supply list and whoa! no Grumbacher Red. Next question. Do I have another red that is similar so I need to know the pigment number. I see the information on Grumbacher's site is that it's similar to Cadmium Red Medium but more transparent and it is a napthol red. My Cadmium Red Medium will do in a pinch. After searching in my paints, I find I have a Lucas Geranium Lake PR122..whoo hoo.. I'll substitute that for the Grumbacher Red as it's a PR122 also and what a lovely name. Now to the Cobalt Blue Light by Rembrandt I see it's a single pigment and is PB28. I was thinking it might be a cobalt with white added since Light is in the name and I could adjust but I will have to see if I have a blue pigment PB28. No. I do not have Cobalt Blue Light and after calling several of my local art stores I located a tube but it was $29 on sale. My regular old Cobalt Blue will be fine for $29.00. To see the rest of the Nancy Medina supply list click HERE.
You can check online also and find out a lot of information on specific colors such as Cheap Joe's. 
Now the rest is easy. I don't have the panels she recommends but it will be interesting to see her work with her favorites and learn why she prefers them. I've chosen some 11x14's and put two coats of Utrecht professional gesso on them. I'm also bringing a Ampersand Pastel board for an experiment.
The Hours will be 9-4 with her painting a floral demo in the morning and then we can paint along with her in the PM or go off on our own. I'll paint along on one of my 11x14 panels, trying to "build powerful color from a transparent ground". Oh, yes, she requested we get rid of the white canvas with some raw umber. Done.
My Easel:
I ordered the James Coulter system and gave it a trial run in Tucson with Peggi Kroll Roberts for plein air but this workshop will be in the studio. Here is a good YouTube video of how James sets up the standard easel. Click HERE.. 
Fast forward.. much too busy last night to blog about the workshop because I had to attend the AMA art opening. Here I am after painting all day, stopping by Hobby Lobby for more odorless turp.

Here is a photo of Nancy Medina getting ready for prep for her demo Friday and please check out her blog HERE for steps and good photos of her finished hydrangea oil painting. On the left is a knee high stack of torn paper towels ready for her "clean the brush after every stroke" mania. I've never seen anything like it and her hubby was there today to video tape some of today's demo and I had to ask if he'd ever figured in the paper towel expense because she just might not be breaking even or need to start charging more per painting. No. Just kidding. That's why her paintings have good clear color and are not muddy and she doesn't have to worry about sales either.

Nancy M and Nancy S and boy do we look pale in comparison to a room full of hydrangea and sunflower paintings. Next time I'm putting a sunflower between my teeth.
In the morning the class was wowed by Nancy's demo and  then in the afternoon we could set up our own floral arrangement or we could paint along with her (I chose to paint along) and she played like Vanna White.. painting and walking and talking...around and around the room helping all of her poor struggling wanna be's. First suggestion, snug up those tables.. she's been standing all morning now more standing and walking and explaining it all over again. Note our great room at the Jaycee Art Center in Irving but be warned IF you haven't been there lately. Use your GPS. I had to go around 3 times before I found the opening off 183. The entry that I was used to using has been walled off and oh, well, you will figure it out eventually, but you better get off at Story Rd. and drive s l o w and oh, no, now you've missed it again. 

After all that easel talk and prep I'm been sitting using my table top easel and about those paint color choices on the supply list.... Nancy will send you a supply list when you sign up for the workshop.  People check her online one also. They have some differences and she just likes to see if you're paying attention but check both of them out and get that brush she recommends. It's less than $2.00 and she painted that whole painting Friday with it..well, maybe she did use a smaller brush for some of the initial drawing on the toned ground. 

If you like to paint colorful florals and brush up on some new oil tricks take her next workshop. See the when and where HERE.
And check that supply list but by then she may have added another favorite color or two but be assured that lady knows how to use that color and knows how to run through a couple of rolls of paper towels per demo.

For making it this for in reading this post here is a treat...Nancy Medina's Friday Demo. I took it from her blog because I think she may have added a few more touches since my last photo.


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Unknown said...

Nancy you made me enjoy my workshop from a whole different point of view! Thanks so much, you are a delight and your Van Gogh Sunflower style today was divine!

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks Nancy for taking the time to comment. Your painting commitment and stamina is inspiring. I'm so glad I took your three day class and I see another one in my future. (And thanks for bringing your coffee maker as I may have to go shopping for one of those.)

Vickie said...

Nancy you always amazed me with your talents...and I love the hydrangeas!!! are one lucky lady to be able to attend these wonderful classes.xporsed 33

Nancy Standlee said...

Vickie thanks for the visit and comment. Yes, I was very fortunate to be able to attend this workshop and have the sense to do so while she was giving one in the area. This lady will be booked up soon all over. She is an excellent teacher and shares what she knows. A good teacher and a good painter -- an great combo sometimes difficult to find.

Connie Michael said...

I'm looking forward to taking a workshop with Nancy someday. Love your painting!

Nancy Standlee said...

Maybe we can take one together!! Like old times.