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Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Good Coffee" ~ Painted Paper Mixed Media Collage by Texas Daily Painter Nancy Standlee

"Good Coffee"
12 x 12 in. Painted Paper Mixed Media Collage on gallery wrapped canvas

I worked on this piece at the CBC paint out at the lake house. I've also entered it into the Austin 12 x 12 juried show.
The deadline for entries was October 20. I've entered 3 pieces so we'll see if any get in.
On this collage piece I've used some images from a Starbucks sack, some hand painted papers using my handmade stamps, some collage images from old paintings and pages from a vintage magazine.
"Good Coffee" reminds me of the beginning of my day and heading to the kitchen, grinding the beans and waiting for that first cup in my favorite mug. I tell the
CBC girls each time we rent the lake house "I'll bring the coffee" and I will get the pot prepared the night before so first one up always know to plug it in and then we can be found on the patio drinking that delicious first cup and discussing what paintings will be worked on first.
If you are interested in collage, a cup of coffee is a great image to experiment with as there are thousands of Google images to use or photograph your own favorite mug filled with your special blend. If you have the Google tool bar installed you can search blogs, the internet or for specific images for inspiration and then add your own style to the art work with your hand painted papers, stamping or with magazine pages such as the artist below.

I have a West Texas friend, Suzy Pal, that is working with collage but using magazine images so find your favorite way of working and join us in our collage journey. Congratulations to Suzy for winning an honorable mention in the Midland show for "Rodeo Clown".
I've added a link on my blog to Collage Making for those interested in any kind of collage. I haven't looked at all the blogs and websites yet but I know there are some goodies to be found.
I have recently joined another blog Mixed Media Artists International and we don't have many subscribers yet but I see the subscription box has been added and if you work in Mixed Media why don't you join us? Try some coffee collages using your choice of techniques and paper and post with us.

Some of you have read previous blog posts and know that I'm taking an online class at Texture Town and here is lesson 4 examples on 5 x 7" canvases of some of the colors we will be using. Now I'm ready to start working with some of the heavily textured pieces.

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WW said...

Nancy....I finally found a little time to do some blog visits. Love what you've been up to. The coffee cup is terrific as well as the goats I just took a look at. You seem to have mastered the process!!

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks W and I love your double Koi and like you, I love my girl friend painting weekends. I've scheduled a Derek workshop in Dec. so I'm working up to some figures! I'm encouraging my FB friends to try a collage..they can do it... Here is a link to a friend also on FB that is doing more magazine pages will enjoy looking at her blog..

Eva said...

I think this is my fav of all of your great collages. Thanks for the links I will follow your new collage blog.

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks, Eva and we're just getting started so we need some followers at

E Makes Art said...

Hi Nancy, so glad you stopped by my blog! I LOVE your artwork, it's incredibly beautiful! And I can't wait to see what else you do with our projects in texture town (such a great class already). I need to go check out some of the links you have here...


Paintings by Patricia said...

I just love your mixed media collage paintings. They are excellent!

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks Patricia.. and looked at your site and congrats on your flat file..what a find.

Nancy Standlee said...

Esther, thanks for the visit.. and yes, I am enjoying T Town. So much fun.

Susan Liles said...

Excellent collage! Great background images. Need to try a collage someday!

Nancy Standlee said...

Susan, try it. I think you would be surprised at the results. Same some stamps from envelopes, interesting bits of paper then your studio will look like mine...with paper everywhere.