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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dreama Tolle Perry Workshop, Lexington, KY, "Musical Sunflower" Oil Painting, SOLD, Watercolor Art Journal Entries by Texas Daily Painter Nancy Standlee

 Musical Sunflower 13055  SOLD
8x8in. Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

If you've ever been in a Dreama Tolle Perry workshop you have probably had an exercise called "Musical Easels" and the above painting is the result of that day. I began and ended the painting working from an upside down photo but in between Dreama would call out change easels and we went in a rotation painting for a few minutes on all different themed paintings. A lot of fun and it was a learning experience to see different artists' setups. If this is your first time reading this blog, I've posted about the workshop in several previous posts. 
 I took a Stillman & Birn 6x8 Alpha journal purchased through Mister Art  and recorded daily events plus I added a quick sketch of the paintings done in oil but these in the journal are watercolor. It's not my fault that Dreama and Ron provided us some yummy chocolate and other treats and it seems I ate more than my share as Dreama presented me with an additional $5 charge for all the extra. (Between us, I didn't pay it and it was probably more like $10 worth.) And lurking under that bill is what I'm talking about. (I forget how some writing comes across and this was a joke between us..Dreama really didn't expect me to pay and Ron kept making sure I had a Mounds on my tray).

The Monday, June 17th when we left for the flight back to DFW Dreama and Ron headed to France and she met up with 16 artists for a 10 day workshop. She has graciously invited anyone along to follow in a virtual trip which I'm doing (not as much fun as the real thing I grant you but this is a new experience and fun living the workshop life in France.) You can join in, grab your journal and a travel pan of watercolors and I'll meet you at her next stop. It will improve your drawing and I probably have never drawn a bicycle filled with flowers or a "rose tree" before. (For this workshop I'm using a Daler Rowney Cachet 7x10 120 lb. I found at Michaels with a free brush.) It takes watercolor washes well.
 I'm even learning a few words which I'm loath to repeat out loud with this twangy Texas accent but I'll type it.. Bonjour, Friends.. (spell checker suggested Bourbon.. well that also. We had a lot of Bourbon opportunities while traveling in Kentucky. 

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Cali said...

Love your pictures. Can't believe she wanted to charge you extra for the chocolate - she didn't have anything better to do than count how many pieces you ate???

Nancy Standlee said...

No Cali...this was a joke.. and I guess it didn't come across that way in print..sorry ..she is most gracious and would never count my chocolate pieces but between us don't think she could count that high..