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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dreama Tolle Perry Oil Workshop, Lexington, KY, Day 1, Kentucky Rose Oil Painting by Arlington, TX Artist Nancy Standlee

 My Kentucky Rose 13052
12x12 in. Oil Painting on Ampersand Gessobord
Available at my online Gallery at Daily Paintworks

June 12-16 finds 3 of my girlfriends and I taking a 5 day Dreama Tolle Perry workshop in Lexington, KY and staying in the Hyatt Regency because of a Pedway that connects the hotel with the workshop area and we didn't rent a car. The Hyatt has a shuttle from the Blue Grass Airport also and there are lots of restaurants within walking distance. Seventeen students are enrolled and we began our day with a demo and we painted and most finished our first painting of a 12" Ampersand Gessobord Panel of flowers on day one of the workshop. 
Now it's Tuesday, June 18, a week later and this morning my mind is flooded with great memories and the times shared between friends. One of the reasons this trip was so special is I did have traveling companions and we shared rooms across from each other on the 15th floor giving us a great view of the city. I have 3 new 12x12 paintings sitting out to dry, one 8x8 and one 8x10 and I will be posting these in the following weeks. 
Yesterday when it was time to catch our 1:20 flight home and it was delayed we had the bright idea of going to Dreama's departure gate and surprising her. We never found her but just figured she saw us advancing and hid behind a check out counter. Our delayed flight didn't leave until 4:10 and somewhere during that time I think Dreama and Ron had to hail a cab to make their connection to Paris (and that is like in France, not Paris, KY, where they live.)
An invitation to my readers to follow her blog and Facebook as she posts from France and participate in the visual vacation along with her. I will follow along in spirit and maybe next year I will join her in the France trip? But for today, the scales are screaming because of Dreama chocolate and Ron's Mounds bars and restaurant grits and I need to think about plants to eat but my girl friends and I are planning a DPT shot (Dreama Palette Time) where we take our notes and work on colors and a palette guide.
I really enjoy Dreama's teaching style as she breaks down the painting demo into 3 or 4 stages as she paints in layers and we have a short demo, go back and repeat her instructions, then she gives us the 2nd stage demo and we paint and continue until the painting is finished. She paints alla prima and wet into wet, fat over lean and begins with her transparent colors. To see her list of colors and supply list go to her website Here:

 Dreama working on her day one painting demo.. (she is not referring to the cowboy painting on the left but see her photo directly below her painting. She is using a James Coulter easel with paper towel protected end flaps. (It's a Dreama thing.) James has videos showing the three sizes, standard, compact, and mini on his website. Fortunately at the Artists' Attic there were enough easels so we left ours back in Texas.

Karen Foster,   Connie Michael,   Dreama,   NS, our adopted new friend, Lorrie Drennan, and Maryann Stephens. 
(This was a goodbye shot after packing and cleanup.)

And what a perfect time to journal to take in new sights and we had longer periods of time to sit at sidewalk cafes and sketch, take carriage rides or linger over a cup of Starbucks. Maybe I can post some of the journal pages later but if you enjoy journaling there is a great open group on Facebook called the Artists Journal Workshop you need to join.  
Coming up on the next post is the French Shutter painting so stay in touch. Thanks for reading and forward the link to your friends.

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Kathleen Barnes said...

Lovely painting! I am a big fan of Dreama's also. Her trip to France looks great. Maybe we will both make it next year!

Nancy Standlee said...

Kathleen Barnes, you got it. I'll meet you at the airport.