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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Torn Paper High Heel Collage Workshop, Dutch Art Gallery, July 27, 2013, Dream Big, a High Heel Torn Paper Collage by Texas Artist Nancy Standlee

Dream Big 13058
Torn Paper High Heel Collage Painting
12x12 on gallery wrapped canvas

In progress 

 Ann DeRulle's collage in progress and she has decided she likes it hung this way on the diagonal and so do I. See her work here:

 Blanche Hunt wanted to try a floral her way, finished it and purchased a frame from Pam at the Dutch Art. We liked her floral concept and her happy attitude.

 Mary Truelove, a long time painting friend, member of SWS, and an experienced painter and her high heel collage in progress. See her work at

 Nancy Medina, an experienced and very popular floral oil painter, and her bright red poppy collaged from one of her oils. 
Nancy Medina's website is

 Nancy and Nancy

We had a great time collaging with torn paper yesterday at the Dutch Art Gallery. I told the class you will never look at a magazine page the same way again and if you are a real picky housekeeper this technique might not be for you but I think these 4 got the process down. I'm so proud of their creations. 

My high heel collage is a little different from my usual, bold in your face color schemes. I've been following Leslie Saeta's beach cottage decorating plan at  and liked the color scheme she's working with and decided to use this color scheme with my high heel and I found some water pieces to add to the shoe and I though some of the bubbles were appropriate. Last night at my daughter's birthday pool party it matched her bathing suit but the collage wasn't finished when she saw it last night. It still needs it's 2 coats of varnish. 

Nancy Medina and I both think we need to go to Ventura and take one of these beach workshops. You just might be interested in following along with Leslie and her family in Italy as she will post some photos and you can paint from them and post them on her blog. How cool is that? Remember we journaled with Dreama in France and now we can go to Italy with Leslie Saeta. We just may need to get some new luggage soon. Mine is getting a little frayed around the edges. 

Art Journal workshop August 31 at the Dutch Art Gallery. 

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Unknown said...

Nancy I am packed and ready for our adventure in Ventura! Can't wait! Thanks so much for an absolutely unforgettable workshop, you are inspiring beyond words.

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

LOVE your post!
I'd love to join in the fun! Thanks for sharing...

Please look at my blog when you can:

Thanks, Nancy!

Joan Princing Art said...


Your Torn Paper Collages are absolutely wonderful. I have been admiring them for a while.

Will you ever offer online classes?

Have a wonderful weekend.