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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Van Gogh's Iris at the Beach, Acrylic on 16x20 canvas panel by Texas Artist Nancy Standlee

Van Gogh's Iris Table at the Beach 13057 
20x16 Acrylic on Canvas Panel

 I painted this in an April, 2011 workshop and I've just now decided to release it and place it on DPW for sale. As it is a workshop painting, done in the Kathleen Elsey workshop, read more about it HERE on my blog post, it will be for a reduced price. I am now painting more in oils on Ampersand gessobords and I'm trying to make more studio room. The still life paintings I will release in the coming weeks were painted from still life set ups in the Santa Barbara four day workshop. Taking workshops can be an expensive proposition with flights, motels, supplies and instructor fees and food but it's the fastest way to study with an instructor you admire plus the benefit of a visit or a revisit to a location. I took this opportunity to revisit Lompoc,  a city nearby when I lived for a short time in the 60's. 
Hint if you are taking a workshop this summer and have an iPad, bring it with you to photograph the setups and take it back to your easel to paint from. In some of the locations it may be hard to see the setups from your easel and it's an ideal way to work. Leslie Saeta, teaches this method and she has an informative weekly radio program that every artist could learn from by listening. Lesie has even added  iPad holders in her Carriage House studio for the convenience of her students. I also painted from my iPad in the Dreama Tolle Perry, Lexington workshop and using  Dreama's photos. 

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Here is an image from one of my daily journals.. just jotting down some memories and my Lone Ranger page.

I paint with a group of artists, Canvas by and we sold a painting this week, Tin Cup Tunes shown below. The piano was in a restaurant/cafe (the Tin Cup) in Arlington where we frequently eat. I saw The Lone Ranger yesterday...(the connection and why am I writing this?) Damon Carney, the owner of the Tin Cup, plays Blaine in the Lone Ranger movie. I liked the movie and don't understand the negative press. I guess the reviewers aren't old enough to appreciate what the Lone Ranger meant to us growing up and hearing the radio programs. I still have a question about the movie. How in the world did they get William Fichtner's lip to make him look so menacing?And Johnny Depp as Tonto with a bird on his head..just too much. 

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