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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Daffodil Painting ~ Starry Night ~ Lorelle VanFossen

Daffodil Series #3 of 4

5”x7” watercolor with a light beige mat to fit 8”x10” frame

What is your favorite Van Gogh painting? Yesterdays post introduced 2 daffodil paintings and you visited YouTube to hear that wonderful tribute in song to Vincent Van Gogh and Starry, Starry Night and to see the slide show of some of Van Gogh's paintings. Starry Night is special to me because it was my oldest son’s favorite painting when Van Gogh’s paintings were introduced into the school art curriculum in his elementary school days.

For more information on Starry Night go to the Van Gogh Gallery

Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh has risen to the peak of artistic achievements. Although Van Gogh sold only one painting in his life, the aftermath of his work is enormous. Starry Night is one of the most well known images in modern culture as well as being one of the most replicated and sought after prints. From Don McLean's song 'Starry, Starry Night' (Based on the Painting), to the endless number of merchandise products sporting this image, it is nearly impossible to shy away from this amazing painting. (read more at the Gallery)

The Official Don McLean Website..

For the Bloggers:

Because I’m a “newbie” blogger, belong to a group of collaborative artists, Canvas by Canvas, and some have joined me in the Blogosphere, I give a hint or tip in my blogs when I find something of note – especially something about blogging. This morning C/NET News on my Yahoo page, staff writer Elinor Mills wrote an article “Please Don’t Steal This Web Content” about Lorelle VanFossen and her popular blog on blogging and her views on copyright laws. (Artists are always thinking about copyright laws such as whose photograph is that? Did you take it? Who took it? On and on…) This morning I learned about software bots that copy thousands of blog posts and republish on sites using ads to generate $$$. These sites are know as new word --“scraper sites”. The article gives some ways VanFossen gets around this practice.

At this stage of my blogging life, I like to read blogs about blogging. Do I hear a suppressed yawn out there? Ok, so finding an unused steno pad or a new yellow lined tablet at my house makes me ecstatic. To find my long lost stapler in a pile of papers makes me do the happy dance. (My daughter mentioned last weekend she hoped no one struck a match around here.) So back to BAB (blogs about blogging) and I plan to tag Lorelle’s site on ( I Love . Fellow CBC painters, Lorelle uses WordPress and we use Blogger but I’m sure we can benefit when we check out some hints on her BAB. Painting, blogging, and music makes me do another happy dance.

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