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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Blogger Profile ~ Dancers of Antiquity ~ Art Blog


Side View

15" x 30" collage and acrylic on watercolor paper attached to gallery wrapped canvas with 3/4" profile
Blogs can be found on about any subject and I will refer to Google's Blogger as this is what I use. To begin, go to Google in the menu bar at the top click on More and go to Blog search. Type in your subject. For example, Elvis and you'll get about 4 million plus hits but type in Elvis Nancy Standlee and you will find the blog post I did about Elvis and portrait painting. The more narrow the search the fewer hits.
Now for the fun part. Once you find a blog you like and you want to know more about the author of that blog you will find a photo (maybe) around the About Me area and then View My Complete Profile.

Blogger's Profile feature allows users to maintain a page about themselves to help match a face with the personality that inevitably comes through in blog posts. Think of your profile as an easy way to create an "About Me" page supplemental to your blog. Browse profiles and find new blogs to read.

Profiles also feature blogging stats, interests, and links to that user's blogs. Stats such as how many profile views your page has generated (Mine 582 - so people are looking at your profile). Additionally, there are Profile Tags that will render a mini-version of your profile on your Main Page. You can edit your Profile by clicking on Edit Profile from the sidebar of your Dashboard page.

These links are now active and by clicking on one of your interests you will be able to find like minded people. Go to your profile and click on one of your active links and see how many people you find that share that particular interest, movie, or music.

For example I’m interested in painting, well, so are 37,000 more people but if I click on acrylic painting I get 101 hits, watercolor is 333 and these stats will change every minute.

I like Clint Eastwood movies and so do 128 others, but if I click on a specific title like Moonstruck, I get 2200. For music, My favorite Willie Nelson has 4600 people who listed him and Willie and Lobo has a following of 15 who appreciate their music.

Click on your location to find other bloggers are in your area. From looking at those young Arlington faces, I firmly believe I could be the matriarch of the clan.

With this linking ability added it will be a way for people to search for blogs they are interested in and to find people with the same interests but do you really want people that are interested in the same things as you are? Does diversity create more interest? I look forward to that time you can search with multiple entries, such as city and movies and interest.

The Browse Profile results are tuned to show you people who have recently updated their blogs at the top, so you can find blogs with fresh posts.

If you haven’t filled out your profile, do it now to help people find your blog. I posted here about registering your profile in a profile directory.

Here is another post that discusses this new feature.

Elvis Week has passed but I've found this wonderful video that shows the younger crowd some of his appeal when he was young and wowing all the girls. Wikipedia has more information on Poke Salad. I remember my grandmother picking it at certain times of the year and being very careful as it could be harmful if eaten or prepared incorrectly.

The painting, Dancers of Antiquity, reminds me of the hyper linking that is continuing today in the form of these social networks when the next click may bring you a new friend.

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Connie Michael said...

Nancy, nice painting and very interesting blog. I learn so much from you and your efforts. Thank you!