Cheerful and Colorful Paintings

Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Friday, May 9, 2008

LYLAS 5 ~ "BARBIE" ~ Contemporary Abstract Figures

LYLAS 5 "Barbie" Acrylic
9" x 12" Gallery Wrapped Canvas, 3/4" profile black (depth)
LYLAS is Internet slang for Love You Like A Sister and it gets used a lot in the emails that fly back and forth between the nine Canvas by Canvas member collaborative group. Since I don't have a sister they all fill that special sibling spot. See the post on April 13 to read the whole story and the one day workshop I gave for the Lylas at the Upstairs Gallery.
Yesterday as I was posting and updating my web site, one of my "painting sisters", Maryann, emailed the question, "Aren't you going to give each of the Lylas one of our names?" Great idea, MAS.
And now, here she is, the one and only "Barbie"..our Barbie, Barbara Hackney.


Cindy Yandell Parker said...

You are something else Ms Nancy!! I love my LYLAS. You keep Canvas by Canvas moving forward and inspired. You are truly heunistic--Re: Robert Genn Twice Weekly Letter.

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks, "Barbie" I checked my Robert Genn newsletter and liked the statement "Forgo early accuracy and precision"..
Guess I need to blog about this newsletter as it's always filled with good information.

Nick said...

Wow I love where that's going! The only way to improve it would be to make it 6 ft it!

Nancy Standlee said...

Nick, I'll wait for a 6 footer until after I take your class. I got my notice today from Creative Catalyst and pre-ordered your new dvd. I've been waiting for months..congrats, ns