Cheerful and Colorful Paintings

Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Monday, September 28, 2009

Carole Barnes Workshop ~ Day 1 and 2 ~ by Daily Painter Nancy Standlee

"Sun Shrine"
Acrylic full sheet watercolor Aquarius II Watercolor paper

The image may be off as I'm viewing this on my laptop monitor and it is not adjusted correctly. I worked on this today in the workshop. You can take alcohol and wipe down to a near white and add new color. When do you stop? That's Friday. I've got way too many small designs and images going on here I think.
Here's a tech hint:
Awhile ago while I was more than half asleep I placed my camera memory stick in my laptop DVD slot. That woke me up and it is on this side on another weightier laptop I have so it was habit. I called HP and my guru said he'd never heard of such a thing. My laptop doesn't have a button to push eject and the DVD drive didn't recognize a SD card! Fellow did say I could stick a piece of paper in there to fish around as you can't see anything with a flashlight with the little fuzzy entry teeth and he said it wouldn't ruin the laser. It worked and you are witnessing the pictures that were on that said SD card. I'm awake; however, a little rattled.
Starts that are explained below.

More full sheet starts. Large sheets of plastic were placed on the floor for us to place wet pieces of watercolor paper.

This is the Carole Barnes workshop. Click HERE to see her web site and other paintings.

Five days painting with acrylics with Carole Barnes with 18 other artists and it is educational and fun. Carole said on the first day, Monday, that she wanted this workshop to expand our boundaries and find out what you have to say and then how do you say it. This is a first for me to take 5 sheets of Aquarius II watercolor paper and cover with acrylic medium and get paint on all five sheets. Some are working on half or quarter sheets but I decided to live large this week. We used Hake brushes and 1" flats and Liquitex transparent colors: Yellow Orange Azo, Acra Magenta, Thalo Blue, Turquoise Deep and Prism Violet. On the paint application she usually begins with some Yellow Orange Azo as she likes the foundation color that gives a glow but as other colors are applied there is no plan and just the instruction of see what marks can be made and Carole said "Consider this your sandbox. Play and have fun". We made marks with anything from erasers, palette knife, anything with an edge, sole of a shoe, blue tape, hair curler, and homemade stamps. Carole even took the Cheap Joe free gifts from the plastic bag, pushed her hand inside and made marks on her paper. O.K. thanks, Carole, we get the idea to try anything to personalize our marks and develop our style. Day one we did get some paint down but now can all of these colors and shapes be pulled into a cohesive anything? Stay tuned.
Day 2 we added more color and started trying to bring it around to a painting after a lecture on design elements. Carole is spending time this week with each artist to discuss their personal work. I hope on Wednesday we can see Carole painting more on her demo. We are all needing help and asking questions like "Am I doing this right?" "Help"!!

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