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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Hold On" ~ Poll MAM ~ Your Story ~ Watercolor Paper

14 X 11 inch
Acrylic with some gold leaf
gallery wrapped canvas 1 1/2" profile

I've been working on a series "Friends and Lovers" for an upcoming show in October at the Dutch Art Gallery and other paintings from the series can be seen on my web site. I finished this addition today. "Hold On" is based on a married musical duo observed at a recent very emotional benefit performance. He played guitar. She sang. During the song, "Hold On" she would reach over and connect to him with a soft shoulder touch with her hand. A simple and powerful statement that is so understandable and universal. The giving of support in the times when they are not so "good".

Making a Mark ~ Katherine Tyrrell
Click on the link above to take the September 2009 poll of "What's Your Style of Art" and read about the 12 styles and descriptions. Since I've been working on my web site with meta tags and key words and labels I was very interested about specific words to define my personal painting style or can I even pick one that's listed. For those of us desperately seeking our style read over the list and see if you can pick just one. I started out with Expressionism, then added Contemporary Expressionism and I may be a little Contemporary Abstract Expressionism. How many lines does your own style cross?

Share Your Story

From the above Utrecht link: "We are proud to have been a part of so many artists' lives over the past 60 years! We want you to be a part of our celebration, so tell us about your work and experience with Utrecht Art Supplies. Submissions will appear in the "Your Story" category on* We look forward to reading your story and seeing your artwork! "

I sent my story and you can read it HERE and I also sent in an image but it does not appear yet but I'm asking questions. (September 3 update.."Captivate" painting is now appearing with my story. Thanks JConner for writing my Utrecht story.)

Mounting Watercolor paper to Canvas

On a previous post I mentioned that I had mounted watercolor paper to canvas and several wanted to know the technique. It is not original but I learned it in a Robert Burridge workshop. Click on the title to be taken to his Artsy Fartsy News and sign up to receive wonderful, newsy letters and read his explanation. Some may ask "why"? It's a way to keep acrylic on paper pieces to be hung on canvas without having to use a frame and glass.

Margie's Show in Fredericksburg

Congratulations to Canvas by Canvas member, Margie Whittington, and her Fredericksburg gallery show opening at the Good Art Company, Friday evening, September 4, 5-8. She has used gold leaf in many of her paintings for this show and I had to try it also - just a little at first. In the above painting I made a halo effect around the female's hair and then covered it with some glazes to soften it. It was a little tricky and very bright until I got some glazes on. Most of the peeps will be traveling to see her gold leaf paintings on Friday. When I meet some of her friends and family, do I describe myself as an expressionist or contemporary painter? Probably no need for explanations as I'll be the one with acrylic paint spots still stuck to nails and hands.


Margie Whittington said...

You are a hoot Miss Nancy. I am so thrilled my CBC sistahs are taking a Road Trip to Fredericksburg to support me in my gallery endeavor this weekend.LYLAS!

Nancy Standlee said...

We will all pretend to be hot prospective buyers!!

Caren said...

Nancy, thanks for getting us to think about our style. I picked expressionist for myself, mostly because I like painting horses and using non-horse colors. I have a background in painting landscape impressionist, which was a great education but I am veering away and going back to my favorite subject, horses, ans seeking bolder colors.

I really like your paintings, I see a touch of Burridge influence and I am looking forward to taking a Bob workshop early next year.

thanks for continuing to inspire!

Nancy Standlee said...

Karen, where will you be taking the Burridge workshop? Thanks for your nice comments.

Connie Chadwell said...

This painting is gorgeous - love the colors and shapes! Your blog is great - totally fascinating - I could stay here for hours!

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks so much Connie. I do love your "dancer" paintings, also.