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Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Bakers ~ Figurative Painting ~ Art Blog ~ Arne Westerman Tribute

11" x 15"
Watercolor on 140 lb. hot press paper
The Bakers was painted in an
Arne Westerman workshop and it might have been from a photo he had provided for us to use. It is a loose, experimental piece on hot press paper and I didn't try for perfection and I simplified the scene. Arne likes Lanaquarelle hot press. His book, Paint Watercolors Filled with Life and Energy, was one I checked out at the library and I thought it so informative, I now own an autographed paperback. It was published in 1994 and Amazon has 31 used copies and you can click on my Amazon link to check for updates. A Westerman workshop is filled with surprises and humor and he will be in our area November 12-16, 2007 in Irving through the SWS. He is a member of the American Watercolor Society and the National Watercolor Society. I am signed up for my second workshop with him. Arne uses color with boldness, hot press paper, gives permission to paint from photos, and advises it's o.k. to get inspiration from other artists.
He says talent is overrated. Ambition, determination and just plain hard work can more than compensate for a lower rating in the talent department. Register your feelings and express your perspective. Don't be a Rockwell. He already did it.
I like to read the Suggested Reading List at the back of books and in Arne's I found a book mentioned by an old friend, Jack Clifton, Eye of the Artist, 1984. (Amazon has 5 of these used starting at $5.95). I took a few acrylic classes from Jack while I lived in Hampton, Va. and I was continually frustrated because I couldn't draw and he caught me one night with a push pen and string stuck in my painting board trying to draw a circle for a plate for a still life set up. (I've since learned better). Life got in the way, I switched to batik for a period, and didn't take any more art classes until I retired. Arne says of Jack's book "He has everything you want to know in a nutshell." And I'm in good company, Arne didn't start watercolor painting until he was in his 50's. Arne may have copies of his book available on his site.
This photo shows Arne and me with the end of the class presentation.

As a retired librarian/artist, I suggest you get a library card and find books on painting and then start your own library of favorite sources. You'll return to them again and again. I use my books like workbooks, even autographed ones. I highlight, draw and write notes in them. I didn't buy them for an investment.
I've packed my Arne book on the top of the stack that is being prepared for a
Port Bolivar beach road trip by some of the Canvas by Canvas group leaving next week. Port Bolivar is one of the first ports established in Texas. We are planning to eat seafood, paint some watercolors, beach sit, and take lots and lots of photos of every thing - shrimp boats, our food, people.


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Connie Michael said...

Wonderful painting, Nance.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful painting Nancy:)
Keep up the 'colourful' work!


Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks, Megha,
for the comment...