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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mr. Rooster Tail ~ BlogRush Update ~ Word Verify ~ Blogger ~ Nancy Standlee Art Blog

6”x 6” acrylic mini painting on gallery wrapped canvas
Mr. Rooster Tail is available on our Canvas by Canvas easel. Later he will be moved to the mini painting page. He was painted on the same Port Bolivar trip as Pigasus.
Did I mention we've sold all of our lures? But we can paint more for Christmas gifts. Orders are available through the Canvas by Canvas site or to inquire about placing an order email

For some reason the Google spam robots thought this blog was spam and began making me put in word verification at each post and it prevented me from saving a draft. If this happens to you and you've noticed you have to start putting in LETTERS before you can post, but not when you make a comment, then click on the little question mark that appears by the letters and a human will look at your blog, apologize and you'll be back in business. This is the letter I received from the Blogger team and the problem is usually corrected within 24 hours. Thanks, Blogger Team.

Your blog has been reviewed, verified, and
cleared for regular use so that it will no
longer appear as potential spam. If you
sign out of Blogger and sign back in
again, you should be able to post as
normal. Thanks for your patience, and
we apologize for any inconvenience
this has caused.

The Blogger Team

I continue to invite friends to BlogRush even though I've never seen one of my posts appear in the widget; however, I've seen other recognizable blogs several times. This truly is a mystery to me. If you're thinking about joining, read here,, for some frequently asked questions, before joining. To join and give more traffic to the mentioned blogs, click on the tab at the bottom of the widget on the Nancy Standlee Art Blog, CanvasbyCanvas Art Blog, or Artist Food Network. Wait, hold the presses! I just viewed on my site on the BlogRush widget, a blog entry "Card Sharks" from my good friend and fellow CBC painter, Mitchell-Taylor and her blog, Do You Blog Before Breakfast. Congrats, BT, you've conquered the BlogRush widget.

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