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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Self Portrait ~ Donna Zagotta Workshop ~ Port Bolivar Vacation ~ Art Blog

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6" x 9" Watercolor and Gouache on Hot Press Watercolor Paper
The photo was taken at the CBC's beach rental on Port Bolivar and the head wrap was to cover Gulf Hair and I was painting Pigasus, a CBC mini painting, while waiting for the group to go restaurant looking. We returned late September 11 and I packed for the Donna ZagottaArtists Showplace Gallery and hosted by the SWS organization. I had found Donna's work online several years ago and knew if she were ever in the area, I wanted to be in her workshop. I was more interested in her figures and her use of gouache. This is the painting I did in the workshop using watercolor and white gouache.
This particular workshop was "Developing Ideas for Creative Paintings" and was held September 12-14.
In this workshop, the emphasis is on finding methods and ideas for turning ordinary subjects into creative and imaginative paintings. Expanding possibilities for spontaneity through design and personal expression will be our focus. Workshop topics include: composition strategies, improvisational painting, developing a personal visual language, and exploring watercolor’s full potential as a transparent and opaque medium. This workshop will invigorate you with equal parts inspiration, information, and direction. All levels are welcome.
This is the statement on SWS's site about Donna:
Donna Zagotta is a nationally recognized artist and teacher. She is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, Watercolor West and Midwest Watercolor Society. Her work has appeared on the cover of Watercolor Expressions and The Artist’s Magazine, and she was selected for Watercolor Magic’s “Ones to Watch” in 2001. Donna Zagotta’s paintings have evolved from an early emphasis on traditional watercolor techniques and traditionally influenced realism to an unconventional use of the watercolor medium and the exploration of the area that lies between realism and abstraction. She finds inspiration in the works of Edouard Vuillard, Henri Matisse and Richard Diebencorn, masters who were more focused on expressing color and spatial ideas than in rendering the particulars of subject matter.
Thanks, Donna, for a great workshop. We hope you come back to Texas soon and bring us more Michigan truth.


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