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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Shop Talking" ~ "Treasures" Art Show Award ~ Creative Catalyst

20" x 20" Giclee will be available soon
2nd in "Talking Series"
What a pleasant surprise to find in my email this morning the Creative Catalyst Winter Art Show "Treasures" 2007-2008 Winners and see that Juror Janie Gildow has given "Shop Talking" a special merit award for Whimsy. She had these comments:
Shop Talking The composition is strong, but the enchantment is what sets it apart. What a delightful piece!
The work appeared in the blog post in February.
After "Trash Talking" received some friendly reviews I decided on a "Talking" series
so now the question will be "what to paint next in the series"? I will have a giclee made from "Shop Talking" soon to have a companion series giclee for "Trash". I have been very pleased having Gamut Control produce my giclees.
Thanks to blogger, Kelly, for posting it on her website in February, Craft Amor.
Works will be delivered this weekend for the SWA show. I'd posted a Koi painting to enter and it was not chosen but Blue Rose, Blue Vase was accepted and this 5th show will earn me my signature status. Yeah!

Joseph Fettingis is the juror and some of the Canvas by Canvas group (including me) will be taking his April workshop. I've ordered some of his "special" brushes and colors and warned him I may have trouble with his "No Talking" rule. I'll try to behave. What could you expect from an artist that has a "Talking" series. Maybe he'll give me some slack? Or place me in the corner? No one loves the workshop environment better than I do... when everywhere you look artists are creating something they have never done before and at lunch you visit and talk art, and if you're away at a workshop, dinner conversation is art.


Nava said...

Just saw the award on CCP show - Congratulations!!!

Cecelia said...

Congratulations, Nancy! This is so neat.
Now, just think back to students who were not supposed to talk in class! The classes that I enjoyed the most, as a student, were the very few when we could talk from time to time! But there are benefits from everyone being quiet and working to themselves. And, too, there are people who can't concentrate or who get nervous when there is talking. Or they don't get as much work done. And some are very business like and don't socialize so much.
Y'oull find out what the reasons are at the workshop. Just don't get in trouble and have to stay in at recess or D-Hall! 8>))

Quilt knit said...

Nancy! this is nice piece. However, makes me sad. Seems, even now I get in trouble for talking. No, I am not a kid. My kids are all grown up. However, I got called in and wrote up for talking. I would love it if someone could watch me not talk and tell me how much talk goes on around me. A painting in this somewhere.
Beautiful work.

Kelly said...


Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Congratulations on "Shop Talking"! You're blog is going to be the death of many beautiful pieces to look at! (I'm suppose to be editing what?)

We did a Carrie Burns Brown workshop here at work and I only got to meet Carrie briefly but her DVD is one of my favorite. (It was also REALLY fun to edit...that's what I do mostly here at CCP.) Every time I talk with her on the phone she is just so wonderful and I imagine her classes are simply fabulous. (I'm jealous you got to take one! :)