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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Monday, June 28, 2010

Longhorn Collage ~ "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" by Texas Daily Painter Nancy Standlee

"Tumbling Tumbleweeds"
16" x 20" on MDF board Acrylic paper collage

I have so many longhorn photographs since our collaborative painting group, Canvas by Canvas, has painted several longhorns. This particular photo was taken by Connie Michael and I've always thought it a great pose. To get the longhorn's attentions we've yodeled (and we can't yodel), played loud music, brought them snack bars, anything. We'll be driving along and if a longhorn has spectacular horns and is close to a fence, someone will yell, "Photo Op" and out we'll run and hope the chiggers or snakes are sleeping. On my previous posts I've given links to others who paint with paper and I think you would enjoy visiting those links.
Wow, oh, wow, there is paper everywhere and little bitty pieces to boot but I'm not throwing any of them out. I painted most of these papers either in workshops or for a particular project. The background is a map I got of the Cedar Creek area and Gun Barrel City where we rent a lake house and go for a long painting weekend.
I'm giving an art journaling workshop at Dena's Ranch the last of July. One class is filled but there may be room in the 2nd class. Call Dena and see. We will have some fun for sure, painting entries about our daily life in the "Love Your Life" class. or
call 830 825-3465.

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Ginny Stiles said...

Oh my gosh, Nancy, he's FANTASTIC.
Don't you ever sleep?
HOW did you get this done!?
I love the map idea and plan to creatively plagiarize it immediately. I have thought of using maps, but not as a background.'s wonderful.
You MUST send this to Elizabeth so she can feature this on her blog!!! She will adore it!
Here I am just making water on my blog. Blah.

Nancy Standlee said...

OK..Ginny send me what you do with the map..ha, you make me smile. I like the graphic and lines on the map showing through. Thanks for the visit. I'll send this to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

Nancy, he's fantastically beautiful!!!

Nancy Standlee said...

Thank you, Elizabeth, and you are the pro here.

Cathy Hegman said...

Nancy I enjoy your blog and this longhorn is spectacular!!!! I cannot say enough about how wonderfully you write and share you information with others. It is so nice to share what you know...Take care

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks, Cathy for your comments.

Unknown said...

She has a pretty sweet face for a long horn. You have found a great paper media for yourself.

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks, Carrie, but knowing me I will be exploring something else next week BUT I think I might try more of these. Thanks for the visit and comments.