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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Watercolor Beach Painting, Early Risers 13082, Day 24 of the Leslie Saeta 30/30 challenge by Texas Contemporary Artist Nancy Standlee

 Early Risers 13082
Watercolor on Bockingford Rough 140 lb paper
Pen and ink 7.5x11" unmatted 

My paintings are available on the Daily Paintworks gallery page HERE.

I have an ArtByte, an affordable collage tutorial available HERE.

Another Artist of Texas , Denise Bossarte, has asked me to illustrate her book of poems, "Dreams of the Turtle King", and this is my first watercolor sketch with the Namiki Falcon and Lexington Gray ink from a photo I took on the Sandbridge beach while in the Leslie Saeta workshop. Now I have 23 more illustrations to go and they will all be beach related. Somewhere down the line they will be for sale but not until I learn how to scan them with the book specs.

 Delphia's Bird 13081
10x10 torn paper collage 
A group project with the Hedgepeth grands.

I lived in Hampton VA for about 15 years and have some very good friends in the area so after the Saeta workshop I jumped in the rental and went visiting. The Hedgepeths live in Yorktown and Delphia and I had decided her grands (7 in all?) might like a collage lesson so I brought a painted canvas, gel, and brushes and on Saturday morning we had a class. Some were more interested than others with sports activities and jeep driving calling. We sat around a big dining table overlooking the York River and talked, laughed and glued and decided the best approach would be just choose some paper and pass the brush and gel (glue) around the paper covered table and let each person choose their paper (grouped sort of in a color range). For instance the musician thought it would be nice to add some music notes around the beak. So did I. One granddaughter thought Grams loved Jesus and she wanted to glue his name in. Each round I'd glue like crazy on the background so they could fill in the bird area. Each person wrote their name (or scribble) on paper and we put around the canvas edge. Only two girls were left at mornings end but they hung with me to the last finishing touch. What a blessing to meet and see my friends beautiful grandchildren and stay in their Carriage House. The last Sunday goodbye in 1980 found our daughters being baptized together in Hampton and that was one tearful goodbye. Little girls who had gone to church and were neighbors at the time, holding on to each other and not wanting to leave (and Delphia and I were included in this). The girl on the right is a daughter of one of the goodbye girls.  We moved to Texas and Delphia and I  have seen each other several times since but this was truly a trip down memory lane.

Finishing touches to the collage with the grands

 My friends Delphia and Don in Yorktown

Don and Don taking us on a cruise up the York River to Ben and Jerry's for ice cream. Don asked his friend Don to go because no way was Delphia or I either one willing to climb on front of the boat to help dock. I was better at sitting in the chair taking photos, being helped from the boat and eating ice cream and visiting some galleries and a delightful ride back home for a famous Don cookout.

While staying in their Carriage House I found an Nancy original batik pillow. While in VA. I was really into batik, making caftans, head wraps, and pillows and hangings all by dyeing my fabric and waxing and batiking. I belonged to a craft cooperative in Yorktown and sold some on the sidewalks of Williamsburg. Seems like every activity I do or have done involves some type of mess. My VA. kitchen area was filled with dye pots and the dining area housed the hot wax pan but I did clean it up before meals (in the kitchen).  More tomorrow on another friend and artist I got to see on this trip.

To see work by other artists who are following along with the 30/30 go to the Leslie Saeta blog. I have joined hundreds of other artists for this September painting challenge and we are trying to paint and post a painting each day. It doesn’t have to be a finished piece but some piece of art each day. On some of the larger commission pieces I have posted portions over a 3 day period. On the smaller pieces I can do one a day and to finish out the challenge I will be posting these watercolors.

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