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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Watercolor Beach Painting, Pelican 13084, Day 26 of the Leslie Saeta 30/30 challenge, ArtByte Collage Tutorial, Book of Poems, Dreams of the Turtle King by Denise Bossarte. Illustrated by Texas Contemporary Artist Nancy Standlee

The Pelican 13084
11x9 3/4 mats to 11x14
Bockingford rough watercolor paper 140 lb
Namiki Falcon Pen, Noodlers Gray Ink

 Another Artist of Texas , Denise Bossarte, has asked me to illustrate her book of poems, "Dreams of the Turtle King" poems inspired by South Florida beaches, and this is my third watercolor sketch with the Namiki Falcon and Lexington Gray ink. I've been plein air painting on the  Sandbridge beach in Virginia while in the Leslie Saeta workshop. Now I have 20 more illustrations to go for the book and they will all be beach related. I have about 5 to go for the Leslie Saeta challenge and some of these can overlap. After the book illustration images are scanned they will be available for shipping, approximately in two weeks. 

My paintings are available on the Daily Paintworks gallery page HERE.

I have an ArtByte, an affordable collage tutorial available HERE.  

 Shots from the Leslie Saeta plein air, water soluble palette knife workshop in Virginia Beach. There was every kind of set up you can imagine. Here's Rosie from Canada on her card table and she wowed me because she "backed" into every parking space. I told her in TX. we wait until we find two and pull through so we don't have to back - or is that only me? In the distance is Dodi and Kari.

 John, (NC)Rita (Richmond) and Rosie (Canada)... John was only male and the suitcase handler and valet to car jockey lol and a good painter. He did leave Thursday evening just so he wouldn't have to do a repeat. He's the first person I saw when I arrived Monday evening and helped with my heaviest bag up the steps. There were a lot of steps at a beach house.  On the way from the airport, I called Leslie and asked if I needed to stop for a burger or would we be going out to eat as a group and her answer... I'm cooking a gourmet meal for all of you. Next question... do I need to pick up some wine? No, you are covered. What a great experience she provided for us.
Kari  was the first one up each morning and plugged in the coffee pot so the coffee was ready...woo hoo.. always need a friend like this. 

Darla from Amarillo.. also a Daily Paintworks ally and that's a camera smudge on her hair.. looks like gray locks, but she is painting figs at the Flip Flop Farmer market. I had met Darla at a Dena Wenmohs workshop and she was the only person I knew to begin with in the Sandbridge workshop. She painted some awesome figs and I took a photo of the box and maybe later I'd like to try painting some of my favorite fruit.

 To see work by other artists who are following along with the 30/30 go to the Leslie Saeta blog. I have joined hundreds of other artists for this September painting challenge and we are trying to paint and post a painting each day. It doesn’t have to be a finished piece but some piece of art each day. On some of the larger commission pieces I have posted portions over a 3 day period. On the smaller pieces I can do one a day and to finish out the challenge I will be posting these watercolors.

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